Jazz blance save code *275# & *869#

Often, you get shocked when you see your Jazz sim balance zero, loaded just one or two days before, but you just wanted to save Jazz balance. In today’s busy and fast-paced life, if you forget to turn off your sim data this causes a deduction of your balance. Your subscribed internet package expired or finished, but you keep using a service that withdraws your account balance.

Jazz, the top telecommunication company has introduced a remarkable service to save jazz balance. You can keep an eye on your balance by knowing about their service Jazz balance save code. Here, you’ll get the complete guide on how to save jazz balance. 

Jazz Balance Saver

When you don’t subscribe to any Jazz internet package or Jazz call pkg and keep your mobile data on, it drains out all your sim balance leaving your account with no balance. Safeguarding your balance is now a piece of cake. Mobilink offers two options for the Jazz balance saver code, one is Jazz balance save code in 2024. You can choose the free one or the second with minimal service charges per your needs, described below.

How to Save Balance of Jazz When Data is on

To stop unauthorized deduction of your balance, you can follow these super easy steps for jazz balance saving code

*275# balance save code
  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. Dial *275#
  3. Press call button

After a while, you will get notice of Jazz balance save code service activation. It’s free and you don’t have to subscribe to it again, it will remain active unless you deactivate the service by following the steps

*275# Jazz balance save code/ Jazz balance save offer

Package Details

Package Name

Jazz Balance Save

Subscription Code



30 Days



How to Deactivate Jazz Balance Save Code

  1. Open the phone dialer and dial *275*4#
  2. Click call button

*869# Jazz Doosra Balance Save Code

This is another amazing service of Jazz, you can save your Jazz balance by transferring your balance to another Jazz account. You need to create another Jazz account to save your Jazz balance and you can transfer your amount to that account anytime. The transferred amount can be sent back to the original account whenever you wish.  

Jazz Doosra account code balance save
  • Dial  *869#  to activate Doosra balance account service
  •   You’ll receive a message
  •   On redialing, three options will appear on your screen 
  • Raqam daalein
  • Raqam nikalian
  • Service khatam karain
  •    Select your desired option by typing the number
*869# How to activate doosra balance account
8869# Jazz code details

For this service, Jazz will charge you Rs 1+tax. You will get a notice of service subscription in your inbox.

To deactivate dial *869*3# and this unsub code will unsubscribe the service.

On every transfer, you’ll be charged a small amount, even then it’s a useful way to save your balance. This is an alternate way to save Jazz balance.

Jazz Balance Save through Mobile Settings

If you do not want to subscribe to any code or balance save code Jazz but want to save your credit too, then follow these simple steps. These settings apply to other networks like Zong balance save .

  • Go to mobile “settings
  • Look for “Connections or network settings
  • Go further to the Data Usage Tab; this feature will tell you all about your internet usage and details about mobile applications using mobile data without a package. Here you turn off apps utilizing data unnecessarily.
  • Click turn off “Allow Background Data Usage
  • You can also set a Data usage Warning Limit to remain aware of data consumption.

Additionally, closing all unnecessary data-draining apps and limiting video streaming will lower expenses and save your Jazz sim balance.

Furthermore, if you want to know the remaining Mbs of your package, you go to your dial pad, type “*” your package subscription code, and Add *2#

Secondly, you can download Jazz App World on your mobile phone, which will show you all the details of your subscribed package, including how many minutes, Mbs, or SMS have been used and how much is left.

Some Extra Tips To Save Jazz Balance

Jazz has introduced many Jazz Packages which help Jazz sim users maintain their balance and enjoy uninterrupted services by selecting Jazz Monthly Package or Jazz Weekly Package.

You can regularly track your balance through the jazz website, Jazz World App, or USSD code. If you want to call any country outside Pakistan, you can subscribe to the UK Offer for calling the United Kingdom, and If you wanna call Saudi Rabia Or UAE, activate Saudi Arabia & UAE offers. For other countries of the world, Jazz has issued a rates list which you can read on their Jazz’s official site. 

Alternatively, you can Call through social media channels freely like WhatsApp, or IMO through Wi-Fi running at your home or office and save your Jazz balance. Often Jazz offers promotional services like extra balance, extra minutes or additional data other than the package try to avail of them to maximize your balance savings.

Advantages of Balance Save Code

1. Cost Savings

Activating this jazz balance saving code helps prevent your balance from depleting quickly, you don’t need frequent top-ups ultimately saving money.

2. Data Management

The balance save code restricts background data usage by apps, ensuring your data is used only for essential activities, and extending your data plan’s life.

3. Improved Battery Life

Your phone’s battery life improves if apps use less background data,allowing your device to stay powered for longer periods. . This is possible if you active jazz balance save code.

4. Enhanced Security

By controlling app data access the risk of malicious apps consuming your data reduces and protects your device and personal information.

5. Easy Activation

Simply dial *275# jazz balance save code to activate the balance save feature. It’s easy to turn on and off, anyone with little knowledge about mobile usage can activate. Second *869# jazz code details also help in save balance of Jazz.

6. No Additional Charges

There are no extra costs for using the balance save code. It’s a free service provided by Jazz to help you manage your data usage.

Using the Jazz balance save code is a simple way to manage your data, save money, and enhance your mobile experience.


In the global village of this world, everyone wants to stay connected and online by using the Jazz balance saver service code, you can save your balance easily by choosing any method described above. Even then, if you are confused you can call the helpline of Jazz customer support which is “111” and get guidance about packages, data consumption, and other queries. We tried our level best to tell you each and everything about Jazz balance save code 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the Jazz Ka Balance check code or Jazz balance check?

 Ans: Balance check code Jazz is “*111#”, or *444*6*2#

Q. Is Jazz balance save code applicable for Warid users, too?

 Ans. Yes, this code applies to both Jazz and Warid customers.

Q: Can I unsubscribe from Jazz Saver Code anytime?

Ans: Yes, you can unsubscribe by dialing *275*4#

Q: How to deactivate all Jazz services?

Ans: Dial Helpline code*111# and ask for services and deactivation of those.

Q: How to get Jazz Balance notifications?

Ans: To Activate Jazz Balance notification dial *1111#